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Hadrone SPM & Costs

Import costs from the ERP system

Automate filling of actual costs. Import costs from any ERP or controlling system. Minimize the effort involved in calculating real costs of services and improve the quality of service costs data.

Hadrone SPM & working time

Use work time log data to assign team costs to services

Assigning your teams' costs to the services they provide can be based on expert coefficients, or based on the working time reported by your employees for individual services.

Hadrone SPM & use of infrastructure

Allocate service costs based on application and hardware usage

The allocation of service costs between services and ultimately to service customers may be performed using information on the use of IT infrastructure capacity (e.g. number of GB, number of vCore, number of users). Capacity utilization data can be imported from external systems (eg CMDB, monitoring, virtualization systems) or from external cloud service providers (eg MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud).

If, in any case, the appropriate data is not available, the allocation can also be made using expert coefficients.

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