Questions & Answers

How can I learn about the functionalities of Hadrone SPM?

Contact us and we will present Hadrone SPM for you using a sample service catalog & service cost. No slides, just a "live" service portfolio demonstration!

During the demonstration, you will not only learn about the broad functionalities of Hadrone SPM software, but also experience how comfortable and user-friendly our software is.

Can I test Hadrone SPM before purchase?

Yes of course. Contact us and we will conduct a Hadrone SPM pilot for you using your sample services and their costs.

Thanks to the pilot, you will be able to check the capabilities of Hadrone SPM in your environment, as well as determine what should possibly be changed in your organization so that the software is used properly later.

The pilot includes a 1-day workshop, during which we will configure the software for the needs of your organization, and then we will create several services (along with their decomposition into supporting and external services) and their costs, so that your team becomes familiar with the software interface.

Later, you will have access to Hadrone SPM for 2-4 weeks, so that your team can check in practice what work in the software would look like after its implementation.

Our pilot is a mini implementation in one day. And all of this remotely and free-of-charge!

Thanks to the use of pilot implementations, 100% of our customers are satisfied with the use of Hadrone SPM after its implementation.

Can I use Hadrone SPM in the cloud (SaaS)?

Yes :-) You can buy Hadrone SPM cloud access with monthly fees. With SaaS model you avoid investments and and your IT Team maintenance work.

In cloud model Hadrone SPM software is maintained in safe and secure MS Azure environment and your organization can focus on the use of the solution and its benefits :-)
Here you can find the terms and conditions of Hadrone SPM cloud services.

Contact us for information on Hadrone SPM cloud and pricing.

Can I install Hadrone PPM on my infrastructure (On-Premises)?

Yes  You can purchase Hadrone SPM on-premises software license for limited and unlimited use (e.g., yearly or multi-year).
The software can be installed on your infrastructure or in your cloud.

Contact us to learn about the details of pricing and technical requirements.

How much does Hadrone SPM cost?

The cost of Hadrone SPM includes:
- access to software in the cloud (SaaS) or perpetual or time-limited software license (On-Premises)
- implementation cost
- post-implementation support

Contact us for detailed and tailored offer.

How long does the implementation of Hadrone SPM take and what is the typical process?

Smooth and fast implementation is one of many competitive advantages of Hadrone SPM.
Service catalog and costs management best practices are embedded in the solution functionality, the implementation process is our key experience - this leads to very efficient 1-3 months implementation procedure.
We operate globally, remotely, virtually and in highly engaging mode with all customers.

The typical implementation includes:
- launching the software,
- modeling the catalog of services,
- service cost modeling.

Contact us to learn more and start your implementation.

Can the implementation of Hadrone SPM be performed remotely?

Yes, we perform implementation projects around the world virtually always aligning to our customer requirements.
Our Customer Success Managers have developed best practices in remote, virtual engagement leading to smooth and successful implementations and post implementation support

Contact us to plan your implementation.

On what support I can count on after the implementation of Hadrone SPM?

Post-implementation support is focused on our customer's needs and can cover many areas:
- technical support – Service Level Agreement with detailed support
- e-mail focused support
- additional Hadrone's consultants support based on time and material model.

We look forward to share with you the details of Hadrone's SPM post-implementation support.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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