Manage all kinds of projects in one place

Deadlines, milestones, expenses, resources, team collaboration, effects, risks, decisions … this is always important, regardless of the type of project.

Thanks to its flexible configuration, Hadrone PPM software is used by our clients to manage a wide range of projects.

The more diversified project portfolio and the more projects in the portfolio, the more value Hadrone PPM can provide to Your organization.

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Diversified Portfolio

Organizations often run a very diverse portfolio of projects - from strategic, through IT and business, to organizational and marketing ones.

The challenge is to both respect specifics of individual types of projects and ensure a certain level of standardization in project planning and delivery. As a result, projects run smoothly and tracking their progress does not take long.

Find out how Hadrone PPM supports organizations that run a diversified portfolio of projects.

Agile & Waterfall

Traditionally, projects have been implemented in a cascade, stage by stage. Currently, more and more projects (not only IT) are implemented with Agile methodology.

In the Agile approach, the project scope is flexibly adapted to the current conditions and the useful effects of projects appear earlier. Being agile doesn't mean there are no rules though - there are still deadlines, budgets and resources.

Most organizations run both types of projects in one portfolio and want to ensure their consistent planning, implementation and supervision.

Find out how Hadrone PPM supports organizations that run both agile and waterfall projects, also including JIRA integration.

Shared Services Centers

In the shared services center, projects are carried out on a daily basis - serving both to implement a new service and to introduce major changes to the services currently provided.

These types of projects require the involvement of stakeholders from various companies / business areas in order to finally provide a service tailored in terms of scope, quality and costs to the requirements of the entire capital group and individual internal clients.

Find out how Hadrone PPM supports Shared Services Centers in planning and delivering different kind of projects.

Public Administration & Services

Public administration and services have specific requirements for government grant projects, structural an investment funds management, planning new public services and improvement of current ones.

Projects in national and international government administration, education, law enforcement and other public services organizations require the involvement of stakeholders from various departments in order to finally provide a service tailored in terms of scope, quality and costs to the requirements of the external and internal clients including the citizens.

Find out how Hadrone PPM supports Public Administration and Services in planning and delivering different kind of projects and managing project portfolio.


Successful management of project portfolio in healthcare to manage medical equipment investment, renovation, medical research, health promotion and public procurement requires best in class project portfolio solution.

Project management must be specific to its category and standardization to secure effective project portfolio management, prioritization, smooth progress monitoring and budget management.

Find out how Hadrone PPM supports projects planning and delivery in healthcare and optimized project portfolio management.

R&D and New Product Development

Tracking novelty, technology, complexity and pace (NTCP), reporting Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and organizing information for gate decisions requires excellent project management solution

Research & development and new product development projects have special requirements. Excellent access to project performance data, control of risk, timing, budgets and competences management of Hadrone PPM enables the successful management of R&D and NPD projects.

Find out how Hadrone PPM enables you to manage R&D and NPD projects in one place.

Headquarters & Branches

Hadrone PPM serves perfectly project portfolios in distributed and multinational organizations with headquarters and the network of branches.

All team members within headquarters and affiliates can participate actively in standardized project management process. Management and PMO have smooth access to all project performance information. Data driven management decisions lead to high return on the company investments.

Strategy & Transformation

Hadrone PPM enables effective management of projects which support deep, systemic and sustainable change, have potential for large-scale impact in an area of a major development challenge.

Precise analysis of projects performance using relevant business criteria, continuous monitoring of progress, control of risks secures effective execution and alignment with the company strategy.

Financial Investments & Start-up’s

When investment projects need to lead to predictable future profits, Hadrone PPM enables effective management of the projects and whole project portfolios.

Precise financial analysis, progress and risks management will maximize return on investments. Thanks to Hadrone PPM you will make more informed project investment decisions, know what issues to examine in the planning process and how to analyze their impacts.

The value of projects and services managed in our products is counted in billions of dollars

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