Manage the costs of all services in one place

Hadrone SPM allows you to manage the costs of various services, provided internally and externally (e.g. IT, HR, financial, accounting services).

Internal IT department

Modern IT departments provide IT services in accordance with the SLA, at the same time ensuring cost transparency, business alignment and economic efficiency.

Thanks to Hadrone SPM, you can easily plan your IT budget based on the services you provide for business units. You can easily link costs to services - both those that are visible to the business and the support services that are essential to delivering business services. You will clearly and consistently distribute IT costs between individual business areas, in accordance with the scope and manner of using IT services.

Eventually, you'll get a tool that lets you show that IT services aren't free. You will justify the IT budget and show which costs are actually yours and which are incurred by the company.

Shared Services Centers

Shared services centers allow you to standardize services in capital groups and deliver them effectively and at the expected quality level, while achieving economies of scale.

Providing various services (eg IT, HR, financial) requires a good understanding of customer needs and adjusting the scope of services, taking into account the local needs of companies and the global requirements of the entire capital group.

With Hadrone SPM you can easily control the complexity of services and their costs. As a result, you will ensure transparency and proper allocation of service costs, in accordance with internal and external regulations.

The value of projects and services managed in our products is counted in billions of dollars

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